Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Took a Break

Ok..Ok..Ok....I know I've been absent for a while! My mom informed me that my last post was about parenting classes and that did not look good. I have logged on to "facebook". While I love to read blogs, I just don't seem to have time to keep one of my own.
We had a wonderful Christmas. Bella got her GA golf cart, ipod (i washed the last one which was only 3 months old), electric guitar and amp, new bed linens, clothes, wii games and Henry got a bicycle, waders, duck bucket, blue tick hound dog/puppy, wii games, boots, bed linens and lots and lots of toys. The puppy has been an experience! It's like having a newborn in the home all over again. He howls, whines and barks! I've had to baby proof the home and pick up all small objects! He loves my pantry.....imagine that! Henry is playing basketball and he is having a blast. He's a little aggresive and I never imagined that he would be. Well, I've got Juniors Luncheon on Saturday, basketball game, 2 kids parties and one adult party. Think I'll make it? Gonna try.
PHYLLIS and MOM......Go to Facebook!