Saturday, October 25, 2008


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Friday, October 24, 2008

A little of this, A little of that!

OMG. I am so upset. Just went into the kitchen to check on the cupcakes that my daughter is baking. Well, I guess while she was waiting on her cupcakes to finish baking, she decided to take a pinch/chunk of the cake that I made for the bake sale tomorrow. OOOHHHH! I cannot believe this! What is she thinking? I do not want to bake another cake! FRUSTRATED!

Fall Table Decor from my Aunt and Uncles Reception.
We had fun decorating for this party. Wish I would have taken more pictures.

Preschool Fall Festival

Pre-School Fall Festival last year.
Good Friend and I chaired the event together.

Thanks to my good friend, Jill, for this adorable centerpiece.

I've been reading about the Phil Berg lawsuit against Obama in regards to his qualifications to run for President. The allegations are that he was not born in the United States and therefore he is not eligible to run for President. It will be interesting to see what happens in the suit. The American people deserve answers from the DNC and Obama! Surely, the DNC researched his background before he started to campaign for President of the United States!
to view the lawsuit.

It seems like it has been raining for days here and it actually just started last night. Our Golf tournament and 19th hole party was cancelled today due to the rain. I felt so bad for our committee chair. She has really worked hard to make this event a success and then we had to cancel. Since I no longer have the golf tournament, I can start early on my decorations for Fall Festival tomorrow. Hopefully, it will not rain. I am decorating 20 tables and the outside of the school with hay bales, pumpkins, mums, corn stalks etc. Just finished my chocolate pound cake that will be given away during musical chairs. My family seems to spend a fortune at this game and we always try to go there first so we can get the best cake! By the way, that would not be the cake that I make! Hoping that I will feel better tomorrow and that my sore throat will have disappeared!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Halloween in the past

My little man and two of his favorite buddies.
My Little Man, my sweetie (she is a surfer) and my adorable niece. Not sure what is going on with Hen. He looks a little distressed.
Bella at Pumpkin Patch.

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Please remember to perform monthly self breast exams. Previously, we would palpate our breast in a circular motion to feel for a breast mass/lump. New recommendations are to palpate in an up and down motion. Please see for step by step instructions on how to perform a self breast exam. If you are age 40, see your physician and schedule your Mammogram. Too many women that I know in our community have been diagnosed with breast cancer in the last few years. Thankfully, the majority of them have been treated with chemotherapy. Thanks to the nonprofit organizations that are raising money for research and educational resources on breast cancer! Hope you all have a great day.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Over Committed

Do you ever just want to SCREAM! NO ones fault but my own! I've done it to myself. Could not work today for trying to fill my personal commitments.

1. Finish addressing and mail invitations to my children's Halloween Party. 6 Families hostessing the party, so we have too many children! Of course.

2. Gathering information for Breast Cancer Awareness month-October. Went to Oncology and picked up breast model and "breast lump" models for demonstration at tomorrows Juniors meeting. We've had 2 associate members recently diagnosed with Breast Cancer, so I thought (NURSE THINKING) this would be a great opportunity for our members to actually feel a malignant lump/nodule. The Cancer Society previously recommended to do breast exams monthly and to check breast in a circular motion. This is no longer accurate. Now, you are advised to check in an up and down motion, starting with the outer area of breast and going inward. Our physicians were not even aware of this recommendation. Thanks Brian in Oncology!

3. Trying to coordinate decorations for my children's fall festival with another

4. My dogs eye is infected. Swollen, red and mattered! I mean really! I do not have a truck. My husband owns about 6 of them! Someone take the dog to the vet. She doesn't smell the greatest, but I guess I'm going to take her to Vet. Not to mention, she ripped open the package that my idiot postman left on my back steps. Ordered Monogram ID Badges from Maggie at DellaMae Designs and the dog ripped open tha package. Thank goodness she did not damage the badges; however, she did leave $15.00 scattered on the lawn. Babysitter and daughter found the money. I know she needs help, but I am a little irritated with her.

5. My aunt has ovarian/peritoneal cancer! She has just started her 3rd round of chemo! I have got to take a meal to her! Hating myself right now and I have got to get my priorities in order!

6. Juniors Golf Tournament on Friday. Trying to help one of the other members/friends with Silent Auction Gifts. Last year, I was on Silent Auction committee and some of my gifts brought a nice sum of money. Such as quail and pheasant hunts. I know it is easier to collect donations if you are actually a customer of business that you would like a donation from. Made a few calls, so hopefully I can help with donations. Really, I would not do this for just anyone. Friend is chair of this committee! Really sweet friend!

7. Had Hysterectomy in February. One ovary left! I really think I need hormones!!!!!

8. Feel like a total slacker mom, so I came home and cooked: Coconut Shrimp, Corn on Cob, Pasta (for husband and I), Mac and Cheese for kids, Honey buttered Rolls. Ask me if the kids really cared? NO. They would rather have Chic Fil A!

Thanks for letting me vent! One more thing, I cannot download pics from my SD Card! Guess I need to call my brother, so he can instruct me on how to fix this problem!

Saturday, October 18, 2008


Wow, It has been busy. Seems like that sentence is always the first thing out of my mouth.
Below are a couple of recipes that we served last week for MSL. They were awesome. Hope you enjoy.

Chocolate Strawberry Royale (makes 2 dozen)

1- box Betty Crocker SuperMoist Devil's Food Cake Mix
1- 8 oz. container sour cream
1/2 cup veg. oil
1/2 cup water
2 eggs
12 teaspoons strawberry preserves
1 package cream cheese (cut into 24 pieces)
cupcake liners

Heat oven to 350 (325 for dark or nonstick pan)
place baking cups in regular sized muffin tin (may want to spray the liners with pam)
mix cake mix, sour cream, oil, water and eggs until well blended
divide batter into muffin tins
place one piece of cream cheese on top of each cupcake and press down until it is almost to bottom of batter (batter will kind of build a well around cream cheese)
Spoon about 1/2 tsp of strawberry preserves on top of cream cheese.
bake 16-18 minutes
Garnish with whipped cream and a strawberry (this is optional). they are great without it.

Tomato Basil Pasta Salad

1- 16 oz box Muellers Rotel Corkscrew pasta (can probably use any pasta, we just used this for presentation)
1 container of grape tomatos
1/4 cup fresh basil (one of our members actually had an herb garden and supplied all of the basil) WHATEVER!!!!!
1 bottle Newmans Own parmesan and Roasted Garlic dressing
1 4 oz container Athenos basil and tomato feta cheese

Cook pasta according to directions
cut tomatos in 1/2
chop basil
mix pasta, tomatos, basil, cheese and dressing


I did not give him Zyrtec, because I gave him a cough/decong/antihistamine combination. I was trying not to double dose him and this is what happened. I have no idea what triggered the reaction. Thank goodness for Zyrtec. We could not live without it. Will maybe that's a little drastic, but my poor little man would not look nor feel very good.
Thought I would try and give him combination medication one more time and skip Zyrtec. Okay, really this is it! We HAVE to take our Zyrtec. Brand taste better!
Kids have Halloween Party tonight. There will be a Haunted House at Party. They are so excited. Hopefully, my son, Henry will be okay. Today he had another local allergic reaction. He had welps all over his face and his eye was swollen, red and itching. Underneath his eye, it immediately filled with fluid! Hopefully, it will go down and we can bypass the prednisone. He had another reaction last week on his back. Poor thing! I've been putting off the allergy shots, because he is already taking so much medication. If i would just go ahead and have him start shots, maybe we could decrease the meds. Got to BITE THE BULLET! My poor daughter was so upset because she was driving the Gator thru the pine trees when he started breaking out. However, he does not have an allergy to Trees.
Yesterday, My daughter and I spend the day in Tallahassee shopping with my two sister-n-laws and their children and my mother n law. It was wild. Seems like at least one child was crying at all times. We had a 3 year old, and 3 one year olds and my daughter, Isabella, that is eight. They were all screaming for Isabella. I felt a little sorry for her. She did not know which one to go to first. We did not get home until late last night and so we slept in this morning. I have got to finish invitations for our skating halloween party on the 30th. We are within 2 weeks of the party and that is a NO...NO! I have got to decorate tables for my kids fall festival at school. I am going to make it simple on myself and purchase mums and place on tables. I'll probably also take some scarecrows and haybales. A friend of mine is painting a wooden prop/sign to place in Cafeteria. Not only do I have to decorate, but I also have to work two booths for my childrens class and bake a cake. We also have fall festival at church and I have to work a golf tournament. This is all within the next two weeks! Shoot me now! I was going to try and post pics of my children and I baking cupcakes, but my computer is not cooperating. will try later.

Monday, October 13, 2008 has adorable thanksgiving plates.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Boden USA

Boden USA has "cool" clothes for the entire family. My daughter loves to dress in skinny jeans and skater shoes and she likes JCrew and Boden. JCrew always seems to run a little small for my daughter that is 8 years old.... Need to order up a size or two. Boden fits true to size. My daughter, at any given time, can look as if she stepped out of JCREW, SKATER USA or GAME and FISH. She is flexible, just like her mom. My son is "all boy". He's a camo guy.

Halloween Decorations

I have displayed a few of my Halloween decorations. A few friends and I will have our 2nd annual Halloween Skate Party on October 30th, so I have kept some decorations packed for the party. Last year, we had about 120 kids. It was really crowded and I'm pretty sure we were over the "fire code" limit. Of course, lots of kids fell, got ran over or just pitched a fit for no reason! We had about 30 minutes to decorate and set our food out. We pulled it off and it looked great! Everyone had a blast, so we decided to celebrate again this year. In the past, I have participated in an annual Easter Egg Hunt. I'm not really sure what happened this past year, but we did not have the Easter Party. The spring is always such a busy time of year for my family. This year I was helping/planning my babysitters wedding reception. Whew, that was a job, but it was worth it. Thanks to great friends and family that like to party with me..............we knocked it out! April, 2009, I will be helping my little cousin with her wedding reception. Yes, call me crazy! At least, I am not actually making/purchasing decorations and table centerpieces. My moms husband is catering....No, he is not a professional caterer, but he is known in our family as being a great cook/chef/griller. Of course, he is clueless about placement of food and, guess who this falls on? You got it, ME! Will have to gave a glass or two of Wine before this event. Oh, did I mention that my daughter is also in the wedding. Anyway, how did I get on all this. I was talking about my Halloween Decorations. I'm going to post a few pictures.

Friday, October 10, 2008


Wow, it is really time consuming to set-up a blog. I have a whole new respect for bloggers! I have found some very helpful websites and I have also received advice from other bloggers. Thanks to for the playlist help. My children are really feeling neglected at this point. They want to play outside and I want to finish the blog. I am going to friends house to pick-up popcorn and bags for a PopCorn Machine that we are using tomorrow for Grandma's birthday. We have a huge screen that we are going to set-up outside at my sister-n- laws, and we are going to show home movies from the past several years. Should be real interesting. Especially since my sister n law has a pond in her backyard and she has a couple of gators that have decided to take up residence! Hope everyone can run fast. Last few dogs have disappeared. My BIL is an attorney and one of his clients just gave him an English Bulldog (will look like UGA). My two brother-n-laws rode elevator with UGA at Geogia game a couple of weeks ago. Of course, they were taking pictures with camera phone. Will try to post if I haven't deleted it.

For the party, I have been assigned paper products, popcorn machine and an appetizer. Party is tomorrow and I still have no idea what appetizer I'm going to fix. I'm not last minute though... :)! I will try to post some pictures. Have a Great Weekend.

scrapblog experiment

The Scrapblog website is so much fun and so EASY.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Service League Fundraiser

Ooh! I am so tired. Yesterday and today were back breakers. Yesterday, my sister n law and i baked 28 dozen Chocolate Royale desserts. They were awesome. Other members also baked desserts or made pasta. We sold over 1200 plates to local businesses and delivered them. Arrived at Arts Center bright and early this morning to start making the plates. Somehow, I was designated to join the "delivary team". I'm sure it is because I have a suburban. Found most of the businesses without any trouble, but I did have a few glitches. Went to dentist after finished cleaning up from fundraiser. Dentist fixed a bridge yesterday and I am still hurtiing today. My cheek is a little swollen. Looked lovely when I was delivering all of those plate lunches! Anyway, he said, "you are fine..........going out of town and call Dr.______________ if you start feeling worse. Lovely! Thankfully, I know the on call dentist wife. Surely, I will not have to call! Anyway, after my busy 2 days, I booked myself for a massage. My 2nd massage in two weeks. Husband would kill me, but I really needed it. She stretched my fascia(?) in my chest. Who Knows! I just wanted her to work on my back. Need to get the twins in the front reduced. I'm sure that would help my back problems. I have no idea why I am still awake and functioning. I really need to soak in bathtub and go to dreamy town! Think I will do just that!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Failing System

Today was high attendance Sunday at church. We exceeded our goal in Sunday School. Yes! It was great. Ate at country club with MIL and 2 SILS and kids. Husbands were all working. It was wild! We have so many small children in our family, it seems like we are always the center of attention. :) I went to Walmart and purchased some groceries for myself and a friend of mine that is a single parent with 2 children. She is an LPN in our office and she is really struggling! I can't stand the thought of her and her children not having decent food to eat. Dropped off the food and Walmart Gift card to her and they were eating Corndog and Romain Noodles. She is the sweetest and most upbeat person that I know. It's very hard to see her struggle. She does have a job and she is supporting others on the system that are not working!!!!!! She cant feed her own kids...What is wrong with this picture. Ticks me off. She can't even get free breakfast or lunches for her kids. that is $20.00 per week that she pays. She only has about $50.00 left over per paycheck (which is every 2 weeks). UGH! Hurts my heart. Anyway, Isabella went with me to my friends and afterwards Bella said, "I'm glad we took the food, and it made me feel good". I almost starting crying AGAIN. Already cried when my friend cried. Anyway.....on a lighter note, today is absolutely beautiful! I just want to stay outside and work in my yards, but gotta go to work. Probably need to be getting ready at this moment. See ya.

Saturday, October 4, 2008


Yeah, It's Saturday. We slept in. Daughter has Tennis at 11:00 and yes I am on the computer at 10:27. We have birthday party at 11:00 also. Guess we will skip it. SIL has blue jean store and she is shipping out to friends to have "blue jean" party. Went by last night and picked up 4 pair to bring home before they left the store. Over $600.00 of Jeans. CRAZY. But, I do get a good discount. She has Seven, Citizen, True Religion etc. Just Wish I could purchase a smaller size! Probably will not ever happen. Anyway, got to make a cake for friend of mine. Her brother died this week and he was only 39 years old. SAD! So much to do. Hope everyone has a great day!

Friday, October 3, 2008

Starting Over

Okay, I am going to be committed this time. Really. I think this will be a source of therapy if I blog. Each day I view the same blogs and have become addicted to finding new ideas, shops and travel information. I feel like a kindergartener on my first day of school. I am clueless. Please forgive me if I make in errors in judgement when blogging.

Took 2 kids to school this morning and signed them up for Gymnastics at school. $25.00 each and 49 children signed up for one month! Go YMCA, this is a high attendence. I'm sure they are proud. Anyway, I've got to work at the Arts Center at 11:00 and clean out the closet for MSL (Moultrie Service League). We are having Gourmet to Go next week and our members will be using items in closet. Needs to be neat and organized! MSL is making and selling, and delivering plates to businesses in Moultrie. The plates are $8.00 each. With gas and food prices so high, I think this is a bargain.

We have football tonight. Hopefully, we will win. It hasn't looked to good the last two games. We have a new coach, Rush Propst. He is from Hoover, AL. He was on the reality show "Two A Day" on MTV. Everyone is expecting miracles from him. "Rome was not built in a Day! I wish everyone will be patient. Our boys are working hard. My family loves the football game; however, all my kids want to do is go to concession stand and bathroom. We have reserved seating so we are sitting in a good area..........Probably won't have seats next year if we dont SIT down during game. I know they are tired of us getting UP and DOWN! I'm tired of it. Oooh, just remembered, we have birthday party tonight. Got to pick up a gift. We also have a birthday party tomorrow. It is so hard to buy for 3rd graders. Think I will pick up a gift card to athletic store. I'm going to try and post to readers list, so you can see the blogs and sites that I love. Bare with me!