Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Parenting Classes

I really think I need to take a parenting class. My children do not listen to me. I start off speaking in a calm and sweet voice and I gradually go into a psycho crazed yell. Why don't they listen and why do they back talk? My daughter absolutely has the sassiest mouth known to an 8 year old. I do remember that I was a "smart mouth" during my teenage years, but...8 years old! I don't know if I will survive. My husband practically drug my son out of church on Sunday because he was being loud and disrespectful. I thought my husbands head was going to spin around on his shoulders. Of course, I was caught up in the fact that my daughter was crying because she and one of her close friends (a boy) were trading "pinches" and he twisted her wrist. Of course, she cried and cried and cried! I totally missed the entire sermon. We need children's church......BAD.

On a lighter note, tomorrow night is my last obligation for Home Life/Juniors. We will have the Love Light Ceremony which benefits the children's wing of our hospital. Home Life is donating $650.00 and we are also donating $700.00 to our local Family and Children Services office. They will purchase Christmas presents for foster kids and needy families. We also have Christmas party tomorrow night. Fun! Can't Wait. Friday night, Service League is having a fundraiser.... Tour of Homes. We have 3 homes on the tour and it should be fun. I feel guilty because this will be the 3rd night this week that I have left my kiddies. Only this week!!!!!! Saturday we will finish decorating our float for the Christmas parade. Fun, Fun! Hopefully, it will not rain. It is flooding at this time.

I have a couple of pictures to post. My sweet and dear little brother sent me a picture of his baby. His baby does not like my children, but we love him anyway. My brother needs a couple of two legged children. I tell him quite frequently that if my children and his baby were in the road about to get hit by a car, I think he would save his baby first. His name is in George Bush? or George Washington? He is cute and he does like Aunt Selina.

George, 2008
The only child of my brother and his girlfriend.
He does look cute in this picture.

My little brother and his sweet girlfriend.
Photo was taken in 2004. This is sad. I can't find a
more recent photo. My brother looks a lot different.
He is about 30 lbs lighter than he was when this photo was taken.

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Lela and Jay said...

Hey Selina! We were downtown on Thanksgiving but the line for Santa looked too long for us-he was getting ill after a little while and I didn't think we'd make it! I really wanted his picture with that Santa but we waited and did it this past weekend-pictures to come soon!
The other little ones in the picture with Hannan are Leslie's little boy and her uncle's little girl. They are all so cute and our thanksgiving revolved around them! Hope ya'll have a great Christmas! Love ya-