Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Parenting Classes

I really think I need to take a parenting class. My children do not listen to me. I start off speaking in a calm and sweet voice and I gradually go into a psycho crazed yell. Why don't they listen and why do they back talk? My daughter absolutely has the sassiest mouth known to an 8 year old. I do remember that I was a "smart mouth" during my teenage years, but...8 years old! I don't know if I will survive. My husband practically drug my son out of church on Sunday because he was being loud and disrespectful. I thought my husbands head was going to spin around on his shoulders. Of course, I was caught up in the fact that my daughter was crying because she and one of her close friends (a boy) were trading "pinches" and he twisted her wrist. Of course, she cried and cried and cried! I totally missed the entire sermon. We need children's church......BAD.

On a lighter note, tomorrow night is my last obligation for Home Life/Juniors. We will have the Love Light Ceremony which benefits the children's wing of our hospital. Home Life is donating $650.00 and we are also donating $700.00 to our local Family and Children Services office. They will purchase Christmas presents for foster kids and needy families. We also have Christmas party tomorrow night. Fun! Can't Wait. Friday night, Service League is having a fundraiser.... Tour of Homes. We have 3 homes on the tour and it should be fun. I feel guilty because this will be the 3rd night this week that I have left my kiddies. Only this week!!!!!! Saturday we will finish decorating our float for the Christmas parade. Fun, Fun! Hopefully, it will not rain. It is flooding at this time.

I have a couple of pictures to post. My sweet and dear little brother sent me a picture of his baby. His baby does not like my children, but we love him anyway. My brother needs a couple of two legged children. I tell him quite frequently that if my children and his baby were in the road about to get hit by a car, I think he would save his baby first. His name is in George Bush? or George Washington? He is cute and he does like Aunt Selina.

George, 2008
The only child of my brother and his girlfriend.
He does look cute in this picture.

My little brother and his sweet girlfriend.
Photo was taken in 2004. This is sad. I can't find a
more recent photo. My brother looks a lot different.
He is about 30 lbs lighter than he was when this photo was taken.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

I love Christmas, but this time of year is demanding!

My Christmas Tree

Parents Room table at Santa Breakfast

Bella with friends and Mrs. Kristi

Santa Breakfast is over. Wow, it was great. I was Chair of "Parents Room". It is relatively a simple room.....Decorate, supply the food, juice and coffee and that's about it. Display Hospitality! Since I talk a lot, I did not have a problem in this area. My daughter went with two of her friends and they showed up at 8:00 AM. It started at 8, so I was a little surprised to see that they were the first one's on the scene. They were excited about purchasing gifts in the Secret Shop. One of my babysitters took the girls. My husband and son were bird hunting of course.It appeared that every other members' husband or parents took their children, but I had to pay a babysitter $40.00. What is wrong here? Anyway, change of subject.

I've been on the hunt for a Small North Face Jacket for Bella. I'm trying not to order online, since every package that I've ordered has been delivered while I was at work........Needless to say, my nosey daughter has inspected each one. We have received 3 packages from Pottery Barn Teenand one package from Ebay and she has guessed or attempted to guess what is in each box. Of course, I just played "dumb". Henry tried to sneak a peek in the back of my car last week, but I threatened him that I would give-a-way the gift if he peeked. It was killing him.

We went to dinner last night and 4 out of the 5 children that were with us were complaining of stomach aches. My dinner was cut short and we headed home. Thank goodness, no one had a virus. When I pulled up in the carport, I noticed that our lab was not happily greeting me at the door and this is so UNUSUAL. I called her and then I asked my daughter to call her........she would not respond to either of us. Upon inspection, I noticed that she was wet on her neck, back and hip bone. She was wimpering and acting like she was scared to death. I finally convinced her to come to me (I wanted to assess her gait/walk). She was walking fine, but she just about knocked me down trying to get between my legs. She acted like she was terrified. We have a bulldog across the street and I really think she was attacked while we were at dinner. She has a broken tail according to the vet. Husband is worried....."How much is that gonna cost me?" Who cares, she is in pain! I could not stand to see her suffering.
My Atlanta trip last weekend was Awesome. One of my dearest friends from High School drove over from Birmingham.She brought her boys and they are so adorable. My daughter and I both fell in love with them. I did not accomplish a lot of Christmas shopping, but I did discover a few good deals for myself and Bella. I just could not get focused. I think I'm tetering on exhaustion.

Volunteered to help with crafts in my son's classroom yesterday. Why, Why, Why? I have no patienc! 5 years old do not listen when you tell them they do not need to use an entire bottle of paint. glue and glitter for their ornament to be "pretty"! I took candy for the kids and my son was so funny. He instructed the class that they need to, "Just go sit down and wait a minute and he would give them some candy". He also told the, "If you misbehave, I'm not going to give you a treat!" You would have thought he was the teacher. Painted ornaments with kids this week and my dining room chair and floor has the evidence to show that we really enjoyed ourselves. I'll try to post pictures. Can't find my camera at the moment. I've been taking pics with blackberry and it is not very clear.