Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Doctor and Dentist

Hen had a cavity filled at the dentist this morning. Instructions were, "DO NOT BITE YOUR LIP OR GUMS AND YOU CAN'T EAT FOR 2 HRS.". Hello, we know this! It isn't our first rodeo! Unfortunately this is our 2nd cavity. Anyway, he was NPO due to being medicated this juice, no food. Of course, he was thirsty and starving when we left the dentist. MOM, can I PLEASE have something to eat. Hum, well.....OK! I stop at McDonald's and get him a hash brown and instruct him to take tiny bites. Well, I stop at store to look at Christmas decorations and when I get Hen out of the back seat, I noticed his lip is swollen and looks as if it has been put in a meat grinder! "Henry, What did the dentist say?" "Do not chew on your lip". Well, then it starts. The crying and whining because his lip hurts. I'm sure it's my fault since I gave him the stupid hash brown. Why doesn't McDonald's serve grits? Anyway, we also went to allergy/asthma doctor. We just completed 20 days of AB and he is still congested. "HE NEEDS ALLERGY SHOTS!", said the DR. Ok, Ok, I'll talk with the husband. Henry is going to love this. He had a sinus x-ray and he was such a big boy. I am so proud of him. We ate lunch with ma-ma and then picked up big sister. First thing out of her mouth was, "What is wrong with your lip?". HELLO!

He doesn't look bothered by the swollen lip.

I have not bought one Christmas present for my children. I have got to get focused and start shopping. The month of December is going to be crazy, so I'm sure I will not have a lot of extra time. Bella and I are going to Atlanta the day after Thanksgiving. I haven't informed my husband nor my son yet. I'm sure they will be bird hunting the entire weekend. They probably will not even realize we have left.

Henry's Christmas List.
He wrote it himself. (I will interpret.)
1. Rifle 2. Gun 3. Four Wheeler 4. Computer
5. Puppy 6. Log Skidder 7. Excavator 8. Dump truck
9. JD Tractor 10. Front End Loader 11. Blue Tick Hound
Bella wants a GA Golf cart with a radio, Guitar Rock Band and Guitar Bedroom sheets/comforter from pottery barn teen. I'm sure she will come up with some more items. Neither of my children need one thing.

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